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Insanity FlyFF | Fly for Fun 3D Fantasy MMORPG Private Server

Flyff ( fly for fun ) is one of the most popular free to play MMORPG s available.

#     Name Level Class Guild Play Time
1. Bebong 300 Harlequin Ilonggo 2y, 2mo
2. olllo 300 Crackshooter Ilonggo 2y, 2mo
3. xXllXx 300 Crackshooter Ilonggo 2y, 1mo
4. LoveNotWar 300 Crackshooter Ilonggo 2y, 3d
5. ViKay 300 Force master Unstoppable 1y, 5mo
6. Jammie 300 Seraph N/A 1y, 3mo
7. Moana 300 Seraph lnception 1y, 2mo
8. HealerBuffs 300 Seraph N/A 1y, 2mo
9. OldTimer 300 Slayer victory 1y, 1mo
10. Kles 300 Crackshooter Unstoppable 1y, 1mo
11. Pickleweasel 300 Crackshooter N/A 1y, 1mo
12. Kadrie 300 Slayer victory 1y, 28d
13. bebong 300 Force master Unstoppable 1y, 19d
14. minnie 300 Seraph N/A 1y, 15d
15. tODiEf0r 300 Crackshooter Unstoppable 1y, 14d
16. Doobie 300 Harlequin CinnamonBuns 1y, 5d
17. iBlaze 300 Force master N/A 1y, 3d
18. Bathala 300 Slayer Unstoppable 1y, 2d
19. imbadboY 300 Harlequin Moms Spagetti 1y, 1d
20. Ganda 300 Seraph Law 11mo, 23d
21. lFletcherl 300 Templar Law 11mo, 21d
22. iPickle 300 Slayer N/A 11mo, 12d
23. MullasDog 300 Harlequin UKArmy 11mo, 7d
24. Sydney818 300 Crackshooter N/A 11mo, 3d
25. dani 300 Templar Unstoppable 11mo, 1d

Since founded in 2008, the mission of this server was to provide an exclusive new kind of Flyff gaming experience.
Seven years of running this server has taught us how to please our community.
Are you tired of old and broken game mechanics, inactive servers and staff members ?
Are you tired of rusty game content without any further updates and fixes?
Then you should absolutely check out our server. We’re not just the oldest private server.
Insanity Flyff has the biggest community, the most active playerbase and the biggest guild sieges.
Furthermore there’s a brand new rebalance, a revamped collector system and dozens of exceptionally fashion transmutes. Join Insanity Flyff to discover exclusive dungeon and farming content, meet hundreds of players from all over the world, participate in our daily, highly populated and thrilling Guild Sieges, experience the Kingdom War and Faction System or join our PK server.
Do you like Flyff for its extraordinary look? Check out our exclusive custom fashion sets, animated cloaks and weapons.
Meet an active staff, gather informations about the class you like to play from excellent guides on our forums and participate in our ingame Game Master events.
Insanity FlyFF is the best Fly for Fun mmorpg private server. We provide the best online gaming experience. Join us NOW !!! And enter an exquisite world of fantasy gaming and enjoy the best flyff experience on the most prestigious fly for fun private server.

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