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Rule Clarifications

Dear Insanians,

As recently some confusion about the rules have been brought up, we decided to clarify them.

Confusion case #1;
AFK farming, is it allowed or not? It is NOT allowed!
It falls under the following rule, and has been rephrased for clarity:

The Use of Macros/Third-party Software & AFK Farming
The use and sharing of hacking tools and/or 3rd party software/hardware intended to either: abuse, replicate or automate functions of the game is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to; macros, trainers, bots, hacks and exploits. AFK farming under any circumstances also falls under this rule and you will be banned for this accordingly.

There is a few exceptions to this rule currently active. The current things ARE allowed as long as this rule is active; FTools, Auto Awakening, Gear Swapping using a 3rd party program or macro.

Confusion case #2;
Spamming the shout chat, may I? No sir. It is not allowed!
The confusion started since it was allowed for some time. From now this rule will be more strictly enforced.

It falls under the following rule, and has been rephrased for clarity:

Spamming Chats
Spamming any part of the chat is not allowed. This includes whisper messages, say messages, shout messages, and shop messages.

~The Insanity Team
Added Mon, 27 May 2019 00:33:41 GMT by Wik
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